The Irongate Agency is a local agency that can find the right Small Business Insurance policy to protect your company. If you are in or near Avon or Canton, trust Irongate Insurance Counselors to assess your small business insurance risks and needs. Above all else, you need a policy that will keep your company running should some event or disaster occur. There is so much work that goes into establishing your small business. What will protect it from an unforeseen incident, natural disaster, accident, or something that interrupts your ability to make money?

Talk to the professionals at the Irongate Agency about insuring your company.  Irongate Insurance Counselors has your company’s best interests in mind. Being prepared, expecting the unexpected, protecting your assets, protecting your property, and protecting your reputation are only a handful of reasons to speak to an experienced insurance agency.

Were you aware that most small businesses that experience an interruption in service do not reopen? It may or may not be a disaster that closes your doors. What would you do if a disaster forced your doors to close and loss of income put you out of business? Preparing for unforeseen circumstances is what small business insurance is all about. Having the right business insurance coverage – and the right insurance agency – may be the one thing that will keep you in business should you get sued, experience a disaster or vandalism, or endure a period when business is interrupted.

Work with the knowledgeable and courteous staff at the Irongate Agency to determine your small business insurance needs. We help you manage your risks so you can protect your small business and focus on long term business growth and success. We invite you to call us: (860) 658-6500.

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